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When it’s beautiful outside, I try to make it a priority to get out and participate in some kind of activity. I’m usually bias with my activities because they must allow me to have some kind of camera with me at all times. On this particular sunny afternoon, we were at a local nature preserve.

I was really hoping that I would capture great photos after reading about the different species of birds that are located within the preserve. Upon arrival, we heard a few birds here and there. We decided to hike one of the many trails to find a nest or birds that maybe located deeper into the woods. To my dismay, there were no birds to be seen. All of the pre-visualization, studying articles, and packing the birding lens, will not make a great photo is the subject is MIA.That’s when switching the game plan comes into play.

Time to get creative

Prior to leaving, I did a “what if”scenario. What if it rains all of a sudden, what if I can’t get a good photo of a particular bird. Lastly, what if there are no birds? – which is exactly what happened.

It took me a while to realize that I wasn’t going to get my bird photo so I switched to the seldom used fish eye lens. Most photo criteria include having  an even horizon line. However, with the fish eye it is not possible. The curvature of the lens creates a rounded effect which yields creative results. It has the ability to make a dull landscape scene appear to have character.

The photo above was taken at a recreation/picnic area within the nature preserve. It was a nice spot to cool down before venturing off to another hiking trail. There were no people using the area at the time so I switched from my “bird lens” to the fish eye lens while sitting on the outer edge of the pond. After getting my lens and (manual) focus situated, I lowered the camera and framed the shot to include the sun playing “hide-n-seek” behind the leaves. I took a few other shots at various heights. I was happy with the way this one came out because of the position of the sun and the reflection of the trees and sky/clouds a in the pond.


My original intent was to leave with a bird photo.  I was a bit bothered that I did not get my pre-visualized creation. This isn’t the first time a situation such as this has happened to me. Being that I have much experience in running into this, I’ve developed a valuable skill called “go with the flow”. There was absolutely nothing I could do to get the birds to come and pose for me on demand. And you know what? That’s OK! Sometimes it happens. shrugs shoulders

I’m glad that I was able to switch gears, lenses to be exact, and “go with the flow”. I took into appreciation of what was right in front of me, instead of focusing on the subjects that weren’t there. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, the wind whistling through the trees, and the trails led me to places that I don’t usually travel to.

This approach can be applied to other areas of life when things don’t go our way. You get cut off in traffic, didn’t get the parking spot close to the door, or you broke your favorite fishing rod; There will always be a situation where things go south. You have to appreciate what’s in front of you and make the most of it! Now, I’ll admit it’s easier said than done; However, I’ve found that if I at least attempt to look at least one positive thing when I’m in the midst of not getting my way, I usually end up discovering it’s not so bad after all.



Fish eye lens – ultra wide lens usually 180 degrees



Rokinon 8mm 1/2500 sec f/0.00 100 ISO


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