Macro Photography-A little fruit w/ Nutella is good for you !

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In continuation of the macro photography theme from the last post, I moved my macro lens to my food. It’s always nice to find a vibrant and tasty subject photograph when the weather is not so nice. The idea came about when I had a major sweet tooth but still wanted to incorporate some kind of healthy aspect into the fulfillment of my craving….or try to. Although my original intent was to capture and consume just strawberries- Mr. Nutella and Ms. Sprinkles quickly made their way into the scenario. I opened the fridge and found that there were a few pieces of fruit left over from a large batch. I immediately went to work on creating a delicious subject to capture.


The ingredients and supplies were simple:

  • White plate
  • Knife
  • 2 Large strawberries
  • Nutella, chocolate, or CoolWhip
  • Sprinkles
  • Window light (overcast/rainy day or blinds pointed in the upward position)

After pre-visualizing my composition 

  • Cut a few of the strawberries
  • Put a few dollops on each strawberry
  • Added sprinkles
  • Arranged on a plate
  • Positioned the plate so that the lighting would cast evenly over the entire subject


  • Set up camera using Tamron 70-300mm lens on a tripod. (Hand held was not an option because it would blur due to low lighting and low shutter speed )
  • Focus-  manual.
  • Connect shutter release or use the time delay to take the picture.


Making the picture

I took a few photos from different positions until I found a composure that matched what I pre-visualized. The total process took about 8 minutes.

I didn’t need to use some of the macro photography hand holding techniques I mentioned in my previous post because I had my handy-dandy tripod. I used wireless remote to trip the shutter so I could reduce camera blur. The image has much more of a visual impact with crisp lines- I could say that applies to any image. Unless you are going for an “artsy” effect.



I’ve seen strawberries with Nutella countless times. However, after creating this photo I couldn’t help but notice it’s rugged outside texture and the inner symmetry of the fruit. The sprinkles and Nutella added an element of color variety to the otherwise completely “red” subject. I’m interested in experimenting with other edible macro subjects and the fascinating details I’ll come to appreciate after creating the photo. The possibilities are endless.

I enjoyed the tasty creation that I have come to appreciate much more after taking a closer (macro) look! As I said above, the possibilities are endless when it comes to macro photography. Its like opening up a new universe and exploring it one photo at a time. In my opinion, it has a way of revealing imperfections and unappreciated beauty at the same time.  Bad weather is no excuse for my camera to “call off work” because there is always something to photograph. Lastly, when in doubt of a photo subject, play with your food. You’ll be amazed at the little details you uncover and gain a new sense of appreciation; no pun intended.


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Strawberries are a member of the rose family. Unlike other fruits, it stores its seeds on the outside. 

Tamron 70-300mm at 300mm  f/10 ISO 250 1/2sec


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