The Sunset and Silhouette 


Appreciating the beauty in a sunset

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love sunsets and sunrises. I’m a bit more fond of sunsets-1: I don’t have to wake up early 2: No matter what kind of day I’ve had, it’s a wonderful ending to my day when I have the chance to see a beautiful sunset. Most of the time it’s right in my backyard.


As I mentioned above about, I am a much better fan of sunsets because I’m well rested, able to focus and I have most of the day to think about composition. I’ve seen countless beautiful sunsets in my backyard and each one is different in their own way. Variations in the clouds, colors,weather, and season make them all the more unique when that special time of day arrives. Weather apps,the internet, and the local news channel will give you approximate times of sunsets and sunrises in your area. One of my favorite activities is to stay abreast of the sunset times and have my camera ready to capture what Mother Nature will present to me at the end of the day. On this particular evening, I waited until the sun was just above the horizon so it would be level with the silhouetted trees in the foreground.


I really wanted to showcase the colors in the sky, sun, and the darkness of the foreground.  In my opinion, the darkness of the foreground enhances the sun rays bursting out from behind the clouds. The camera has a way of enhancing rays creeping through the clouds and creating a more dramatic appearance.


I decided to expose for the sky and recompose my shot. I used a very narrow aperture to create the starburst effect and to maintain sharp focus. I completely ignored the histogram and was sure to include more of the sky than the silhouette in the composition.


At the end of s long day, when you’ve just about had it with your co-workers, stuck in traffic, or just ready to wind down, look for a spot near you and enjoy one of natures last gift of the day. Enjoy it shining through a window, through the trees, or better yet, just sitting in your backyard.

it was sunsets that 
taught me that beauty
sometimes only lasts
for a couple of moments,
and it was sunrises that
showed me that all it 
takes is patience to
experience it all over
– a.j. lawless


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Tokina AT-X 12-28 F4 Pro DX at 24mm, f/20mm, 1/100sec, 320 ISO, AWB

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Winding down There is nothing like being able to come home after a long day
Sunset after work Being stuck inside a building is no fun. Being stuck inside a
Beautiful Evening I am always amazed at how much the sky changes and its beautiful
Peaceful scenery The picture above was taken one evening after work during a scheduled trip
  Fire! The sky can prove to be a dramatic symphony or a mellow beat

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