The Monarch

macro butterfly monarch

My hiking buddy

I captured this photo during a long hike at a nearby state park. I must say, this little guy was a friendly fella because he followed me almost the whole trail. I waited until it landed on a nearby leaf and cautiously raised my camera and snapped a few photos. I was glad that I had my macro telephoto lens with me so I could keep a fair distance between me and the butterfly and not scare it away. I used a wide aperture to get the blurry (bokeh) background to enhance the concentration on the butterfly.

Sometimes I find it a bit difficult to photograph insects because they are easy to scare away and I’m in such a rush to make the photo.

I found that these steps help me when photographing butterflies:

  • staying still when it lands on a nearby leaf or twig
  • gently moving toward them
  • ensuring that my breathing is calm/quiet
  • having my shutter on silent/quiet mode
  • holding my camera steady and sliding my finger across the shutter button instead of pressing down

I’ve had a higher success rate with capturing photos incorporating the above tactics as opposed to rushing to make the photo.

Tamron 55-300mm at 210mm, 1/100sec, f/5.3 ISO 250

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  1. What a beautiful photo and overall wonderful blog idea. I’ve been off and on in getting my “photography skills” to improve. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there since I spend more time reading and writing. Thanks for your visit and follow.

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