The Hungry Cardinal

Cardinal Feed Tamron

If you feed them, they will come


I’ve recently installed a new bird feeder located next to a tree with  dense foliage. Its a perfect spot for birds to wait for a turn on the feeder. Cardinals and other birds love  black oil sunflower seeds and a quick trip to the local hardware store will leave you with plenty to go around. I picked up a 20lb bag of Wagner’s Black oil sunflower seeds. – as I said PLENTY to go around!

While they are perched on the nearby tree, I use a telephoto lens while maintaining a far distance  to photograph them.  I find that the photos of perched birds on branches are more appealing than being perched on the feeder.

It was an overcast day and a I used a slower shutter speed than I normally would. It didn’t make a difference because there was little movement from the bird that would interrupt the outcome of my desired photo.


Tamron SP AF 150-600 at 600mm 1/20 sec f/6.3 250 ISO


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